obsessed with the maze runner. the casting is just too flawless. counting down the days until september 19th 2014. ||

Best of | Dylan O’Brien.





are you wicked? - a mix for the glade: friendship, survival, power, death, and saving the world. [listen]

«Ah my knight in shining armor. What, don`t you think I can fend for myself?»


THE MIGHTY GLADERS; the leader, the glue, the real leader.

"I’d like to get into some sort of workout regimen so I can properly be healthy and exercise like a normal human being. I seem to not do that… Ever.”

the boy who climbed the wall

I’m the not-nice one at all. I’m playing an absolute asshole. I play this guy called Gally, who is one of the older, more experienced kids in the Glade, which is this manufactured wilderness that these boys are trapped in by 400-foot walls. He is responsible for building most of the Glade, and his title is “Keeper of the Builders.” He’s very defensive of his environment. It’s always the lead character Thomas, played by Dylan O’Brien who is amazing—Dylan is an absolute G—it’s like team Dylan versus team Gally for a lot of the movie. It was really fun to do.

"What’s odd about this picture? A shout out from @amlameenbaby himself for whoever can tell us!"